Our events are created for students by students. Let your voice be heard in the Honors College by joining us at meetings and helping plan events throughout the year. We work in small groups that each focus on one kind of event category, like academics or social programming, that come together to create awesome events!


Student Honors Council hosts many types of events throughout the academic year. Learn about some of our most popular events below.

Student Honors Council hosts Honors Weekend every September to celebrate Ball State’s honors students. Members begin planning this event begins just after the start of the academic year.

Where: Ball State campus

When: September

Who: All Ball State Honors College students are invited to this event

Learn more about various Honors classes being offered as a part of the fall and spring curricula. Honors professors and faculty will be available to answer students’ questions and provide valuable information on their class offerings.

Where: DeHority Complex (Exhibition Hall)

When: October (before spring course registration) and March (before summer/fall course registration)

Who: All Ball State Honors College students are invited to this event

Join SHC and honors professor Dr. Jason Powell for monthly for an exciting documentary viewing, typically about a current issue or hot topic, and subsequent discussion about the film. These events are very low-key and are a really fun and rewarding way to spend your Saturday evenings.

Where: Ball Honors House Garage Classroom or other equivalent

When: Monthly, as decided by the executive board and Dr. Jason Powell

Who: All Ball State Honors College students are invited to this event

Every year Student Honors Council turns the Ball Honors House into an interactive haunted house experience that happens every October right on Ball State’s campus. Students venture through the several rooms of chills and thrills with their closest friends created and acted by you–the members of Student Honors Council!

Where: Ball Honors House (1707 W. Riverside Avenue)

When: October

Who: All Ball State students are invited to this event

Ball State’s annual honors formal is completely created and run by Student Honors Council’s members and officers. Complete with decorations, a DJ, and even catered snacks and beverages, this is the winter formal you will not want to miss.

When: January/February

Where: Student Center Ballroom or other on-campus location

Who: All Ball State Honors College students are invited to this event

Dress Code: Formal Attire

Cost: $10 per person (as of winter 2018)

When: Sunday, April 8 at 2PM

Where: Honors House Garage Classroom

Are you a senior passionate about your honors thesis? Mark your calendar for this event!  Share your work, particularly your process analysis, and tell us what your thesis means to you!  If you are interested, submit a presentation now!

Are you a freshman wondering what the honors thesis is? Are you a sophomore thinking about a topic? Are you a junior scheduling your thesis meeting?  Learn more about what a thesis looks like and how to incorporate your passions into your honors thesis.

Started in Spring 2018, Student Honors Council hosted Ball State’s best block party complete with free food, games, live performances, and even a 70-foot inflatable obstacle course! This year-end event is planned completely by the members and officers of Student Honors Council.

When: April

Where: Ball Honors House Backyard

Who: All Ball State students are invited to this event

Event Committees

Student Honors Council operates on a three-committee structure when it comes to event planning. Select a tab below to learn more about our committee system.

The academic committee focuses on scholastic events like the Thesis Expo, the Curriculum Crash Course and Saturday Night Cinema. The Director of Administrative Affairs oversees this committee.

The social committee coordinates events that pertain to student engagement and non-academic events such as Homecoming activities, the Faculty Holiday Party, Monthly Morale, and the Murder Mystery Dinner. The Director of Awards and Engagement oversees this committee.

The community engagement committee is seperated into two committees- one focused on Ross Community Center and another focused on Deacon’s Pantry, a local food pantry. This committee also plans one-time service events such as Camp Adventure and Secret Families Gift Wrapping. The Director of Community Engagement oversees this committee.