The Honors College

Student Honors Council is the official student governing body of the Ball State University Honors College. Throughout the year, our organization coordinates events for Honors students and faculty, including Honors Weekend, the Honors Formal, Family Weekend, Homecoming activities, and the Honors Thesis Expo. In addition, we plan community service projects, social activities for members, attend Honors conferences across the United States, and form award selection committees that recognize outstanding faculty members and honors students.  Within the Ball State Honors College, we believe that a strong connection between faculty and students can foster a singular educational experience, and Student Honors Council helps to foster those connections through the events that we plan during the year.

Suggestion Box

Honors students can always voice their questions, concerns, and ideas in our suggestion box. Suggestions can be completely anonymous, or students can leave us their information so we can follow up with their requests.

More Honors Student Organizations

The Odyssey // News & Notes

If you are an aspiring writer, journalist, or simply love to write, check out these Honors’ student publications: Odyssey and News and Notes

Odyssey is the Honors College’s literary and arts magazine which features pieces from Ball State Honors students.

News & Notes is a student-run publication that highlights the students and faculty of the Ball State University Honors College. 

Residents of DeHority

Residents of DeHority is the hall council at the DeHority Complex, home to the Honors living-learning community. Getting involved in hall council is a great way to make friends and meet new individuals in your hall. Learn more about hall councils through Ball State’s Housing and Residence Life website.